About EBA

The European Burns Association (EBA) serves as a resource to facilitate communication and collaboration between burn care specialists.

An exchange of information between the various burn centres in Europe and verification of burn centres will help us to promote the goal of the EBA.

Burn Centre verification for the provision of optimal care to burn patients in Europe

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An EBA committee includes a number of specialists related to the field of burns with special interest and/or competence in a defined topic.

Executive members

The European Burns Association is being managed by the board of executive members. See here who the executive members of the European Burns Association are, and what their specific role is within EBA.

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Disaster committee

The task force group burn disasters in Europe was formed in 2009 at the EBA Conference in Lausanne to clarify the current European structures for cross border transfer of burn patients in disaster situations.

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PAM committee

P.A.M.’s (Professions Allied to Medicine) cover a wide group of non-medical professionals associated with burn care. The P.A.M. Committee of the EBA consists of representatives from these non-medical groups.

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Junior Exchange Programme of the European Burns Association
Everyone who has had the chance to spend a prolonged period of time in another country and at other hospitals knows that these experiences lead to new discoveries and allow us to extend our knowledge base, make new friends and strengthen relationships with our colleagues.
Broadening horizons, becoming familiar with new techniques and alternative treatments and creating stronger connections with peers – ultimately all of this benefits our patients.

European Journal of Burn Care

European Journal of Burn Care (ISSN 2673-1991) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on burn care and burn prevention. It is a journal of the European Burns Association (EBA) and is published quarterly online by MDPI.

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