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9th Webinar "Gender Perspectives in Burn Care"

Scientific program

Key Topics

  • Epidemiological Data: Know and analyze gender-specific trends in burn incidents, healthcare access and outcome disparities.
  • Preventive Strategies: Understand risk factors across genders to enhance preventive strategies
  • Medical careers: Underscore the ongoing need for inclusivity and equality in medical careers

Clemens Schiestl (Switzerland) and Laura Pompermaier (Sweden)

Nadia Depetris, EBA Vice-President (Italy)

16:05   Sex and Gender-specific Medicine – Paths to the Truth – Uchenna Kennedy (CH)
16:20   Gender-specific trends in worldwide burn epidemiology – Rojina Shilpakar (Nepal)
16:35   Integrating genders Perspectives in burns prevention strategies – Shobha Chamania (India)
16:50   Gender Disparities in Medical Careers: A Western World Perspective – Tina Palmieri (US)
17:05   Sponsored session – T.b.c.
17:35   Resilience in Gender-Inclusive Burn Care: A Critical Examination – Silviu Badoiu (Romania)
17:50   Panel discussion (Panelists: Dominique Potokar (France), Mamta Shah (UK), Petruta Mitrache (Romania),                 Romana Merza (Ukraine), Athina Lavrentieva (Greece), Tiiu Kaha (Estonia) and Valentina Strbac (Croatia))
18:30   Closure

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