Dear friends and colleagues,

This is my third and last President’s letter before the EBA congress in Helsinki.

The Executive Committee met at the beginning of April in Helsinki. During this meeting all committee members had the opportunity to visit the venues and go through all preparations with Congress president and ExCo member Dr Jyrki Vuola. The program warrants an outstanding educational congress with excellent opportunities to interact. More than 300 abstracts have been received with a high quality overall. I encourage all EBA membership and other colleagues and friends to join EBA in Helsinki to make it the best ever congress. Please browse through our new website and read the final program for the congress.

The time and program for the 3rd EBA Educational Course in Zürich in 2020, with our Vice-President and President –Elect Dr. Clemens Schiestl as local host has been set. All relevant information regarding this upcoming educational EBA event shall be circulated in Helsinki. Druing the congress, the new version of the EBA Guidelines will be presented by the Guidelines Committee, chaired by our Italian ExCo Member Dr. Nadia Depetris. Intensive work is still to be done in future versions, in special in the PAM section where standardization shall be necessary. PAM Chair Teresa Tredoux shall update all membership during the General Assembly about all PAM issues.

The Disaster Committee has been meeting regularly and important steps forward have been achieved. The information regarding the current status, the intense relationship with the European Commission and the next steps for the near future shall be presented during the General Assembly by Committee chair Dr Stian Almeland and a Special Session during the congress. As mentioned in the last letter, Burn centre Accreditation is a relevant actor in this process. Two new centers have been accredited, although more accredited centers, in special in eastern countries are necessary.

Another focus of attention during the past year has been the development of our own EBA journal. Contacts have been made with different publishers in order to oversee the different options available. However, following the open access movement, and publishers and European experts advice, any future journal project shall follow the open access initiative. A final agreement has been reached with the publisher MDPI, and our new journal the “European Journal for Burn Care” will be presented during the Congress in Helsinki.

Last but not least, there are two vacancies for the Executive committee. I encourage all membership to apply, in special those from Eastern Europe and PAMs. Changes in the bylaws need to be made, and the documentation will be circulated in due time before the General Assembly

Have a great summer and see you all in Helsinki next September 2019!

Yours sincerely,
Juan P. Barret, MD, PhD
EBA President