Dear friends and colleagues,

I’m happy to have started my term as President in Helsinki and I am looking forward to chairing the European Burn Association for the next two years.

This year we have been fortunate to have witnessed an exceptionally well-organized Congress with a high degree of scientific merit. On behalf of all EBA members I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Jyrki Vuola and his team as well as Congress Care for their tremendous effort and accomplishment.

In Helsinki the Executive Committee introduced at the General Assemblee several new EBA projects to be launched this year.
Thanks primarily to the work of our past President Juan P. Barret, we now publish our own scientific journal, the European Journal of Burn Care (EJBC). The main ambitious goal is to get the EJBC listed on PubMed within two years. Juan P. Barret, Naiem Moimen and myself will outline the strategic plan to achieve this goal to the members shortly. We will also discuss to what extent your support as members will be required throughout this important process.

The Disaster Committee under the leadership of Stain Almeland has done terrific work in negotiating with the European Union. The EU has recognized that EBA verification is a key factor in establishing standards for a pan-European Disaster Plan.
The EU has requested the verification of five additional centres over the next twelve months. We are in the process of approaching the centres that would qualify for this purpose. It is imperative to demonstrate that the EBA remains a reliable and responsive partner of the EU.

I am also pleased to report that we have succeeded in launching the Junior Exchange Program, which will enable the exchange of colleagues who are at the early stages of their careers across European centres. The program will commence in September 2020 during the EBA Educational Course in Zurich. This initiative, which is tentatively scheduled to run over a period of 12 months, currently holds a budget of 30,000 euros. This financial backing has only been made possible thanks to a generous donation from Integra.

In addition to the Educational Course in Zurich, scheduled for September 17-19th 2020, the 19th European Burn Association Congress was also introduced in Helsinki by Nadia Depetris and is scheduled for September 8th – 11th 2021 in Turin, Italy.

Those who have visited our new EBA website lately would also have recognized our recent make-over.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to welcome two new members to the Execute Committee: Stain Almeland (Norway) and Alette de Jong (Netherlands).

The EBA has launched significant initiatives and made substantial progress in recent years. The verification process, educational course and now the independent journal are important milestones highlighting the growth of our organization.

Best regards from Zürich,

Clemens Schiestl,
EBA President