Teresa Tredoux

Chair of the EBA PAM Committee
ProfessionRegistered Nurse
WorkplaceThe Burns Unit, St. Andrews Centre,
Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford,
Essex, CM1 7ET, England

Short autobiography
I completed my nurse training in 1988 and gained  experience working in Hospitals in Cambridge and London before joining the team at St Andrews Burn Unit in 1993. In the time that i have worked at St Andrews i have undertaken a number of roles and am currently the matron for the service. Our burns unit comprises of an intensive care treating adults and children, an adult ward, a children`s ward and an outpatient and outreach service.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
Burn injuries are life changing and patients and their families require a high level of specialised care throughout their journey. The PAM committee gives professionals the ability to share knowledge, skills and experience; it is a privelidge to be able to work alongside such motivated European colleagues.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
My aim is to continue to provide the PAM committee with stable leadership and to support and encourage the committee members to continue with their great work. We will work together to develop relationships across Europe  that will improve the care for patients and their families and will also increase the support and resources available to those providing that care.

Anna Schildt

Registered Nurse
ProfessionRegistered Nurse
WorkplaceHelsinki Burn Centre, Jorvi Hospital, Espoo, Finland

Short autobiography
I have been working at the Helsinki Burn Centre since I graduated as a nurse in 2003. Our Burn Centre cares for burn patient’s trough out the whole care process, intensive care, ward and outpatient clinic. At the moment, I am a Junior Charge nurse at the Helsinki Burn Centre. Currently I am also studying on my Master degree in Advanced clinical care.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
To be able to provide the best care for the burn patients and their relatives we need to work in interprofessional team. We can also benefit greatly from sharing experiences and knowledge with each other internationally. As a part of the PAM committee I hope to gain many new contacts to help us get better at what we do.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
My focus will be to collaborate with the PAM section and activities at the EBA 2019 congress in Helsinki.

Christine Rosch

BScN, clinical nurse specialist
ProfessionBScN, clinical nurse specialist
WorkplaceIntensive Care Burns Unit, UniversitätsSpital Zürich

Short autobiography
I completed my training as a pediatric nurse 1989 in Berlin and worked for the following years in different pediatric units. After I moved to Switzerland, I specialized in adult intensive care in 2000 in Zürich. In 2013, I finished my studies in Nursing Science with a bachelor degree.

Since 2002, I am working on the Intensive care Burns unit at the University Hospital of Zürich. Over the years, I worked in different roles on this unit, since the last 8 years as a clinical nurse specialist. Burned patients and their families for me are a very interesting group of people and I carry on to learn from and about them.

My focus is not only on intensive care, I participate also in follow up. We organize meetings with our former patients or peer support to visit them in the hospital. In partnership with the rehabilitation clinic we stay in regular contact, based on our pathway for burned patients.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
For burned patients and their families it is very important to be treated by an experienced multiprofessional burn care team. I expect that with joining the PAM committee of the EBA, I will get many new ideas and a deeper insight of what can be done for this group of patients.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
As a new member, first of all I am very interested in getting to know the PAM committee members and to experience how the committee works together.

As intensive care nurse, I am focused on the interprofessional work of burn care teams. How to prevent the Post Intensive Care Syndrom and how to support the families of burned patients are other topics I focus on.

Guila Fidel Kinori

Clinical Psychologist
CountryVall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona
ProfessionClinical Psychologist
WorkplaceVall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona

Short autobiography
I’m a Clinical Psychologist, PhD in Psychology and Master of Medical Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

My work it is attached to the Psychiatry Service at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (HUVH), and I develop my main areas of interest are in clinical work and research within the Traumatic Stress Program. As a member of the Liaison Consultation Team, I’m the psychologist who provides care for patients, families and staff on the Burns Unit.

My expertise within the healthcare field is the psychological care of patients with medical conditions and in addition to provide care for victims of traumatic events. Adding to my clinical practice, I teach these subjects in different centers and universities in Catalonia.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
The PAM committee provides a great opportunity to work and share together with other health professional across Europe who provide care to burn injured patients. I hope that this organisation will allow us to understand the experience of each other and promote the development of our speciality.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
My current focus will be to collaborate with the PAM section and activities at the EBA congress in Barcelona, in 2017.

Jill Meirte

Physical therapist, PhD
ProfessionPhysical therapist, PhD
WorkplaceUniversity of Antwerp, Department of Medicine and Health Schiences.

Short autobiography
I’m a physical therapist working as a post-doctoral research assistent at the University of Antwerp, Department of Medicine and Health Schiences. I finished a PhD on burn scar assessments and physiotherapy treatments in collaboration with Oscare, a (burn) scar after-care and research centre located in Antwerp, Belgium. I combine research activities with teaching responsibilities in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
Sharing knowledge and working together with others on new innovative and creative projects is what I’m passionate about. I think scientific reserach and further development of existing care within the PAM burn care is crucial to maintain and in collaboration further develop the good quality multidisciplinary care that our burn patients need.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
Physiotherapy, Quality of life, Burn assessment, After-care, Patient reported outcome measures and the International Classification of functioning Disability and Health.

Renate Pfann

Occupational Therapist Bsc, MAS Managing Diversity
ProfessionOccupational Therapist Bsc, MAS Managing Diversity
WorkplaceChildren’s University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Short autobiography
After travelling the world in the 80s I worked as a fellow in a team of socialworkers and psychologists at a reception- and transit center for asylum seekers before I started my basic studies in Occupational Therapy in Zürich, Switzerland in 1992. I had my practical trainings at the Psychiatric University Hospital and specialized clinic in Handrehabilitation in Zürich as well as a the Rehabilitation Center for Children Alyn, Jerusalem and Rehabilitation for Children and Adults with burn injuries at Rambam University Hospital, Haifa, Israel, where I struggeled sometimes with my Hebrew and Arabic. To my regret I forgot most of my Hebrew and Arabic in the last 20 years. Yet the professional experiences in the field of burn injuries have cut deeply into my memory.

Since 1996 I work as a qualified Occupational Therapist at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich and since 2000 until now I am leading the OT-Team in cooperation with my colleague.

From 2006 -2007 I joined my husband at the District hospital Silveira in rural Zimbabwe together with our kids age 7 and 10 at that time. Since 2011 I am a member of the multidisciplinary conducting team of the Center for Children with severe burn injuries, University Children’s Hospital in Zurich.

Reason for joining the PAM committee
The possibility to contribute to a platform where knowledge and experiences are easily accessible for colleagues in areas where access to specialized education and professional exchange is very difficult attracted me.

Current focus in relation to the EBA PAM committee
My main interests are pediatric burn victims, stress in connection with painful procedures and issues such as the impact on the course of treatment of diverse backgrounds of families such as migration, home and social environment, child rearing, the family’s perception/understanding of disease and explanatory model as well as their resources for coping. As a first step in relation to the EBA I will work on a pediatric OT-guideline.