1 Jun 2023

Survey || WHO EMT

Dear Colleagues

In December 2017 a number of experts from low, middle and high income countries formed the 1st Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Technical Working Group on Burns Care. The primary aim of the Working Group is to establish – through consensus – the minimum standards for burns care in mass casualty incidents and humanitarian emergencies. 

A number of draft recommendations for burns care evolved during this 1st Working Group. 

In May 2018 the wider EMT community was invited to contribute their opinions on these draft recommendations. This was achieved through distribution of a survey which presented the draft recommendations and the rationale for each. Responses were collated and contributed towards further discussions held during the 2nd Working Group in June 2018.

A set of revised and refined recommendations emerged from this 2nd Working Group, all of which are presented in this survey. 

Current recipients of this survey include the Working Group members and the wider EMT community. In addition, the EMT Secretariat would very much welcome contribution from expertise within burn care organisations. Opinion and input into these revised recommendations will significantly contribute to final discussions at the 3rd technical Working Group to be held in November 2018.

Please note – detailed comments  are invited throughout, especially if you partially agree or disagree to a draft recommendation.

To complete the survey please click on the following link/copy into browser: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/69YQBG3

The survey is quite lengthy and your time in completing it is hugely appreciated. If you require any further information on a particular question please email me. 

With thanks

Dr Amy Hughes

On behalf of WHO EMT Secretariat