2 Jun 2023

Questionnaire discharge and aftercare in burns

Dear EBA members,

On behalf of the PAM committee we would like to ask you to fill out the following questions about the preparation of discharge and the aftercare in the Burn Centre. Would you be so kind to send this questionnaire to the care coordinator, case manager or head nurse of the Burn Centre?

With the information we will receive, we hope to get a clear view how the care around discharge is organised in Europe and we will distil best practise from this information. A résumé will be given in our next newsletter and we will present the results during the congress in Hannover.
We would be grateful if you could send your questionaire to koen.maertens(at)oscare.be or aboekelaar(at)rkz.nl before the 1st of July.

Kind regards,
Koen Maertens
Anita Boekelaar


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