1 Jun 2023

Journal of the European Burns Association

The European  Burn Journal (EBJ), the official journal of the European Burns Association (EBA), is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on publishing the latest scientific developments in burn care and burn prevention. The journal focuses on clinical, basic, and translational research and psychosocial aspects of these injuries and covers the prevention of the injury, the epidemiology of such injuries, and all aspects of treatment. Regular material published in the journal includes clinical and scientific papers, systematic reviews and metanalyses, and descriptions of burn care in practice. It aims to provide the latest information on advances in burn prevention, research, education, and the delivery of acute care to all members of the burn care team. Original, peer-reviewed articles present the latest information on surgical procedures, acute care, reconstruction, burn prevention, and research and education. Other topics include physical therapy/occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition, philosophical and ethical issues, and new digital and technological developments. Apart from traditional areas of burn care and burn research, other topics also covered by the journal also include wound care, scar treatment and wound healing, and regenerative medicine. The Journal serves all burn care specialists, from physicians, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists to psychologists, counselors, and researchers. The European Journal of Burn Care seeks to publish suitable material submitted by all professions involved in the care, treatment, and prevention of burn injuries.

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30 September 2019