29 Mar 2023

Important information about your membership fee 2016

Your elected Executive committee gave careful and thoughtful consideration to the issue of increasing membership. EBA dues have not changed for the previous 16 years, and have increased only twice in the last 34 years. This action was taken in response to swiftly rising costs and increasing expenses. Be assured that the EBA executive committee operate in a manner that is fiscally responsible, but continues to provide the membership benefits you expect and, to the extent possible, request.

You will continue to find value in your EBA membership, including these member-only benefits:

  • Discounted registration fee to EBA’s biannual congress
  • Discounted application fee for the Educational courses
  • Subscription to the Journal Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters online versions, including online access to 1987-present
  • Subscription to EBA’s electronic newsletter
  • Networking opportunities through our online Membership Directory
  • EBA Website continually updated with EBA news, educational information, and details of European burn centres
  • Volunteer opportunities including elected leadership roles, participation in committee and other small group efforts allow you a voice in shaping the future of EBA

Effective January, 2016, annual dues increase
This proposal was presented during the last General Assembly and approved by those members present.

Membership 2016 Current
Group member € 12,50 €   7,50
Retired member € 20,00 € 20,00
Honorary member     €   0,00 €   0,00
Individual member (high income countries)
Category 1 € 75,00 € 20,00
Category 2 € 50,00 € 20,00
Individual member (low income countries)
Category 1 € 45,00 € 20,00
Category 2 € 25,00 € 20,00

Category 1 are physicians, PhDs and members associated with industry.
Category 2 are all other professions.
The list of the World Bank will be consulted for the low income countries.

You will be notified by email when your membership is due for renewal.

Thank you for your support. Your EBA membership and active participation in the work of this association is greatly valued.
If you have any questions, please contact the EBA office: eba@congresscare.com.

Current fees are applicable until December 31st!