2 Jun 2023

From the President

Dear Colleagues,

Europe (and indeed the entire world) has been holding its breath. We are severely distraught by the military invasion the country of Ukraine and all of its people are currently experiencing.
It is our priority to show our solidarity to our colleagues in the Ukraine. We want to assure you that we stand with you during these difficult times.

Our privilege of treating and taking care of every patient regardless of their nationality, origin or religion has to continue to be possible for our colleagues in the Ukraine – this, above all and regardless of political conflict, has to be our primary objective.
For these reasons, we want to assist our colleagues in the Ukraine as best as possible. The European Burn Association is an important partner of the European Union in providing help for burn patients, even in times of war. We are also currently working on expanding a local network via the Czech Red Cross in cooperation with the Burn Center in Prague to support burn centers in the Ukraine.

As doctors, scientists, nurses and therapists we are united by our common goal of providing burn patients with the optimal therapy and care. We should all aim to put this goal above all of our respective national goals.

On behalf of the Executive Committee Members of the European Burn Association
Prof. Dr. Clemens Schiestl
President of the European Burn Association