1 Jun 2023

Call for candidates Executive Committee

There are vacancies in the Executive Committee (EC) and that’s why we are calling all those members which might be interested to work in the EC to apply for a position.

 The vote will be organized as follows:

  • Candidates should send their official application and a short professional CV by E-mail to the EBA society office (eba@congresscare.com) before August 14, 2019 by means of the nomination form.
    After this deadline no applications will be accepted.
  • One nomination requires 4 signatures (one from applicant, one from the proposing person and two more from EBA members as endorsers). These can be collected on one nomination form, or submitted on separate nomination forms (PDF file or files). All copies should be filled out adequately for identification and signed before being scanned.
  • All candidates must be members of the EBA.
  • There may be several candidates but only the candidates with the majority of the votes will be elected to the executive committee. Only active members of EBA can vote.
  • The elected executive committee members will be in place for 2 years.

Looking forward to receiving many candidacies for these exiting positions in the executive committee.

With kind regards,

Juan Barret
EBA President