8 Dec 2014

Application for fellowship Dr. Hadiza

Dr. Giwa Hadiza Marliyya, M.B; B.S(A.B.U), F.W.A.C.S. has just completed his plastic surgery/burns residency training program at a centre in Lagos (Nigeria) and he is applying for a fellowship in Europe.

He has completed his surgical residency and he plans to practice clinical medicine, research as well. He is interested in a career that allows him to have a clinical practice, teach medical students, residents and other healthcare personnel, as well as carry out research in especially Burns, Congenital and facial reconstructions. With the experience and knowledge he hopes to acquire from this fellowship, he hopes to return to West Africa and other developing countries where the incidence of palate defects, burns, and other plastic surgery problems are prevalent, and where the need for specialist expertise is greatly required.

If you are interested in offering him a fellowship please contact him by marliyya@yahoo.com or marliyya@gmail.com.

Personal statement dr. Hadiza
CV dr. Hadiza