For members of the European Burns Association the following fees structure has been established:

Individual member High Income
Category 1: 75,00 euro
Category 2: 50,00 euro

Individual member Low Income
Category 1: 45,00 euro
Category 2: 25,00 euro

Retired member: 20,00 euro

  • Category 1 are physicians, PhDs and members associated with industry
  • Category 2 are all other professions

Members of non-European countries receive all the benefits offered by the EBA, but are not eligible to become an executive member, or to vote in the General Assembly.

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What are High income and Low income countries?

The EBA has divided the contribution into a category “High income” and “low income/lower-middle-income” economies according to the World Bank listing available at the website of the World Bank. Or click here to download the list (excel file).
Please calculate your membership fee according to the World Bank listing.