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Junior Exchange Programme of the European Burns Association

Everyone who has had the chance to spend a prolonged period of time in another country and at other hospitals knows that these experiences lead to new discoveries and allow us to extend our knowledge base, make new friends and strengthen relationships with our colleagues.

Broadening horizons, becoming familiar with new techniques and alternative treatments and creating stronger  connections with peers – ultimately all of this benefits our patients.

It is for these reason that EBA has set up a Junior Exchange Programme for the first time.
This was possible thanks to the generous financial support of INTEGRA

The exchange programme consists of three distinct branches:

  1. Share and Foster
  2. Travel for support
  3. Visit and expand

The 3 branches vary in their objective, their entry requirements, the amount of financial support and the duration of the programme. Please find the relevant information below:

Share and foster


Objective: Promoting exchanges between (future) burn surgeons and intensivists from EBA certified centres


Surgeons and intensivists (residents/assistants and fellows) from EBA verified centres.
Total: 4 candidates.

How long

1–3 months, depending on individual arrangements

Financial support

Accommodations and stipend of 1000 Euro/month
Full reimbursement of the travel costs
1000 Euro for the host center

First year of the programme

From the Educational Course in Zurich until the 19th EBA Congress in Turin
Educational committee will nominate 4 candidates.

Travel for support


Objective: Enabling doctors from less affluent hospitals to visit highly specialized centres and obtain experience in advanced burn care and meanwhile allowing the doctors at the specialized centres to learn about global burn care needs


Surgeons and intensivists (residents/assistants, fellows) from low- and middle-income countries
Total: 4 candidates

How long

2 weeks

Financial support

Full coverage for the visit (insurance, flight, accommodations, meals, stipend)
2000 Euro for each candidate

Visit and expand


Objective: Helping health care professionals regardless of their specialties to acquire individual work experience abroad


Any health care professional working in a burn department (e.g. doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists)

How long

By individual agreement

Financial support


How to go abroad 

Please explain in detail what you are looking for in the application and let us know what you would like to do at a placement abroad

How to receive a guest

Please write us an email and explain what you are looking for or what you can offer.

General information

When and how to apply
The deadline for application is 20th of July 2020. Submission application is CLOSED

Start of the exchange program by individual agreement during the following 12 months after the Educational Course of the EBA in Zürich September 2020 (Sept. 2020-Sept. 2021).

The application is now online! Please click on the button below to download the form and send it to us together with your CV to



If you have any questions concerning the programme please feel free to contact

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